The Resilience Workbook

Schiraldi, G. R. (2017), The Resilience Workbook. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger. Why do some people sail through life’s storms well, while others are knocked down and out, never to fully recover? The answer is resilience! This book shows you how to bounce back and thrive in any difficult situation. You’ll learn how to optimize brain function, performance, and mood—while helping to prevent and recover from stress-related conditions like post-traumatic stress and depression. You’ll master skills previously taught only in clinical, academic, and elite training settings. This is the essential resource for emergency responders, military, business professionals, athletes, leaders, trainers, mental health professionals, parents, teachers, youth—in short, every individual. It is the basic text for resilience training. Once you master resilience skills, you’ll be a resource to teach the skills to others. “Clearly the authoritative work in the field” (Steve O. Steff, Ph.D., President-CEO, Crisis Care International). States Major General Thomas W. Garrett, U.S. Army (ret): “This is a great book! Comprehensive, authoritative, understandable, practical. Dr. Schiraldi has pulled together the current research for mind and body, and produced a ‘How-To’ guide to inoculate you and those you care about against the inevitable trials of life. Even better, it is a guide to healthy, happy, fulfilling living in general. I’m getting a copy for every member of my family.”