Dr. Schiraldi has written books on diverse aspects of stress and stress-related conditions, ranging from resilience and wholesome self-esteem on one end of the mental health spectrum to post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and anger on the other. His aim has always been to make these books clear, practical, and user-friendly for a wide range of readers. The guiding principles in his writing are that information must be accompanied by practical skills to be effective; and virtually anyone can become a proficient coper or resource for others through skills practice. These books show you how.



Sub-optimal mental health, including unresolved trauma, exacts a great toll on people. Conversely, resilience protects people from many problems. A major focus of Dr. Schiraldi’s articles has been to show that mental health can be improved, even in already high-functioning individuals. Well-trained mental health professionals are critical resources for people in crises. However, there is a great need for greater psychological self-reliance and the prevention of stress-related mental disorders. This need can be largely addressed through the acquisition of practical coping and resilience skills. These articles shed light on mental health and resilience, and how these can be improved.