The Resilient Warrior

Schiraldi, G. R. (2011). The Resilient Warrior Before, During, and After War. Ashburn, VA: Resilience Training International. A clear and concise guide that is especially for military service members who are preparing to serve, or who have already served, in a war zone. Helps service members understand and cope with the challenges and symptoms associated with warfare. Also for family members, government workers, and contractors whose lives are linked to war-zone experience. “A masterpiece! A definitive, complete, and absolutely essential guide to preparing for combat, surviving in combat, and after combat. ‘Required reading’ for anyone in the military or law enforcement, for the families and loved ones of those who go in harm’s way, and for those who treat or support the returning veteran. I truly am blown away by the depth of content and scholarship in this book…Well done!” (Dave Grossman, LTC (ret), Army Ranger, author On Combat and On Killing).