Stories of Resilient World War II Survivors

Irene Opdyke

During Hitler’s invasion of Poland, Irene Gut Opdyke fled with the Polish army to the Ukraine, where she was raped by Russian soldiers and left for dead in the snow. Then she began her courageous saga as a Polish partisan, hiding twelve of her Jewish friends in the basement of a villa, while keeping house for a German army major upstairs. Read this unbelievable and inspiring story about bravery and love.

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Russell Dunham

Medal of Honor recipient Russell Dunham was the only member of his family who did not become an alcoholic, although he had every reason to be. Born in a boxcar and kicked out of his home by his father’s mistress, teenager Dunham enlisted in the Army. Follow his evolution from a “jailbird” and one who shunned responsibility to an outstanding leader and warrior.

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