Speaking Presentations

In addition to resilience training workshops and seminars, RTI offers engaging speaking presentations, including mediated lectures and keynote addresses, which explore common themes of resilient survivors that can benefit us all

“Remarkable WWII Survivors: Inspiring Stories and Timeless Lessons in Resilience.” Over a five-year period, Dr. Schiraldi traveled the country to interview well-adjusted combat survivors spanning virtually all campaigns and groups, from Normandy to Bastogne, Iwo Jima, Tuskegee Airmen, Navajo Code Talkers, POWs, and the wounded. Their timeless, inspiring lessons strengthen and prepare us all for adversity today, in war or peace, civilian and military. They also help us perform at our best and heal. This has been presented to enthusiastic audiences at the Association of the U.S. Army’s General Lemnitzer Lecture Series and the Air Force Association’s Air and Space conference. “Eye popping.” (Dr. Dan Leviton, Adult Health and Development Program, University of Maryland.

“Unbroken: Lessons from 47 Days on a Life Raft and Beyond.” In WWII, Olympic runner Louis Zamperini survived 47 days on a life raft, and then years of torture in Japanese prison camps. Dr. Schiraldi interviewed Mr. Zamperini in 2000. This presentation explores lesser-known aspects of his life concerning what really enabled him to survive and overcome his difficult past, including faith and forgiveness, which the movie and book omit or touch lightly.

“Happiness, the Opposite of Stress: What the Research Shows and How to Get There.” According to the Broaden and Build model, happiness (enduring positive moods and the sense that one’s life is worthwhile) is a force multiplier that improves coping, performance, mental well-being, and career retention. Practical, evidence-based strategies are explored.

Resilient Survivors Speak. What strengths do those who have survived and overcome overwhelming stress have in common? How can their life stories benefit us? Navy SEALS, Elizabeth Smart, and others inform us today.

War Zone Integrity. Those who are not prepared for the moral and spiritual aspects of war are more likely to suffer afterwards. The character we display in the heat of battle is no greater than the character we’ve developed beforehand. Suggestions for maintaining and regaining inner peace. For those whose wars are overseas or near to home.

The Best-kept Secrets of Stress Management. When you put all the books aside, what really matters the most? Sometimes deep, sometimes lighthearted, this presentation synthesizes some of the best principles of stress management