What Can I Expect from Resilience Training?

Resilience training builds the strengths of resilience that we all possess in embryonic form. Resilience training will help you and those around you to:

  • Cope and perform at your peak in all phases of life, especially in pressure-packed situations. For example, you’ll experience improved job and social functioning, whether your pressure comes from overwhelming crises, job strain, financial reversals, loss of loved ones, or normal, everyday stress.
  • Prevent or lessen the severity of stress-related mental disorders that are increasing globally—such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and problem anger.
  • Enhance mental health and the ability to bounce back from mental and physiological distress.
  • Enjoy greater satisfaction with life, job, and relationships.
  • Increase career retention. Satisfied, happy workers stay on the job longer.
  • Improve physical health, thereby reducing medical disease and absenteeism.
  • Become a resilience resource for others.